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Mitt Romney “47%” Video

Listen for yourself and decide:

In my opinion, Romney has confirmed what everyone has said about him all along: that he is an elitist who is only out for big business and the wealthy.  What do you think?


Full Video of Texas Cop Dragging 77 Year Old Grandmother Out of Vehicle

Last week a video of a traffic stop in Keene, Texas that resulted in the arrest of a 77 year old woman (and her being dragged from her vehicle) went viral thanks to YouTube.  The complete video is below:

After watching the video, I cannot feel any sympathy for the woman, Lynn Bedford. She was driving 16 miles per hour over the speed limit, refused to give the officer her drivers license and registration after multiple requests, and refused to step out of the vehicle. Of course, she wants to sue the police.  I feel justice was served and I hope the judge throws the book at her.  What do you think?