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The Queen’s Olympic Arrival

One of the highlights of Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony was the Queen’s arrival. See below.


Remembering Those Lost in the Colorado Shooting

When a tragedy like the Colorado shooting happens, too often it is the name of the killer who is remembered long after the event has passed.  I don’t think that is right.  The names that should be reported and remembered are those of the victims, and the heroes who helped save those who survived.  This post will not mention the killer by name, nor will it contain his image.  Instead, I will honor those who lost their lives early Friday morning. Moving forward, any mention in this blog of the tragedy in Aurora will not include the name of the killer.

Jonathan T. Blunk (1/20/1986 – 7/20/2012)
Alexander J. Boik (9/20/1993 – 7/20/2012)
Alexander J. Boik (9/20/1993 – 7/20/2012)
Gordon W. Cowden (11/17/1960 – 7/20/2012)
Jessica N. Ghawi (11/27/1987 – 7/20/2012)
John T. Larimer (2/16/1985 – 7/20/2012)
Micayla C. Medek (5/5/1989 – 7/20/2012)
Matthew R. McQuinn (3/26/1985 – 7/20/2012)
Veronica Moser-Sullivan (12/23/2005 – 7/20/2012)
Alex M. Sullivan (7/20/1985 – 7/20/2012)
Alexander C. Teves (6/1/1988 – 7/20/2012)
Rebecca Ann Wingo (10/8/1979 – 7/20/2012)