Monthly Archives: October 2010

Dry Run for Al-Qaeda?


Two suspicious packages were found on cargo flights overnight. All of the packages contained toner cartridge, powder, and wire, and were from Yemen.  Packages were found on UPS cargo planes in Philadelphia International Airport, Newark Airport, and on a UPS truck in Brooklyn.  The truck was searched and cleared.  A suspicious package was also discovered on a UPS cargo plane in London. A jet arriving at JFK Airport from the United Arab Emirates that was reported to have a similar package that originated from Yemen was accompanied by F-16 fighter jets and searched upon landing.

Was this a dry run for a terror attack?

UPDATE: 4:29pm President Obama addressed the nation minutes ago and stated the packages were en route to places of Jewish worship in the United States and that it appears as if the packages did indeed contain explosive devices.


Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Head of Protester

A member of the liberal group was involved in a scuffle with Rand Paul supporters on Monday night in Lexington, KY.  Lauren Valle wound up on the ground and her head was stomped on by Tim Profitt, a Paul campaign volunteer who has since been fired.  In an election year that has seen such things as a candidate take to the airwaves to proclaim that she is not a witch, this situation serves as a warning as to just how much is wrong with politics today.


Weight Watchers: The Re-Boot!

After successfully losing 22 po0unds with Weight Watchers last summer, I fell off the wagon and stopped attending meetings. Yesterday, I went back.  This time, I am committed to sticking with the program (it’s so easy to follow, why would I ever deviate from it in the first place?) and to attending a meeting every week.

If you are wondering how I did “scale-wise” upon my return, I did in fact gain back the 22 pounds (plus three extra pounds).  However, I am going to lose those 22 pounds again (plus those extra 3) and continue with my weight loss journey!

Meanwhile, check out someone who has stuck with the program and is doing great here!