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Steve Jobs Dead at 56

The website pays homage to the company's founder.

Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs died yesterday, according to a statement from Apple, Inc. He was 56.  The company did not list a cause of death, but it was widely known that Jobs was battling pancreatic cancer. He left his position of CEO six weeks ago.


Samsung Offers Free Phones to iPhone 4 Users

Samsung Galaxy

Ever since the launch of the newest iPhone, it’s users have been complaining about newest version of the revolutionary phone.  While Apple has offered somewhat of a solution by giving away free covers that should help with the signal issues, many iPhone users are still disgruntled.

Now, a Twitter account has appeared with the name of @samusungukmobile who is offering iPhone users a brand new Samsung Galaxy Android phone.  iPhone users who have vented their frustrations about their phone via Twitter have been greeted with messages from Samsung informing them of how to get their hands on a new Galaxy.

If you’re an iPhone user who’s been given a new Galaxy, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts on how it compares to the iPhone.

The Great iPhone “Fix” of 2010

It started within days of the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 4 – complaints that the iPhone 4 had noticeably worse reception than the phone’s previous incarnations.  As the complaints grew in number, Apple issued a statement saying that there would be software fix on the way for the “optical illusion” that makes signal strength look stronger than what is actually available. But it was after Consumer Reports rated the iPhone 4 as ” can not reccommend” that things got serious at Apple.

The “Big Fix”, however, was not a software fix, a replacement, or even a recall. Instead, Apple will give everyone who purchased an iPhone 4 a free bumper or case that will prevent the wrap around antennae from losing signal strength when held.

We’ll see how that works.