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Who Will Be the Most Influential Man of 2011?

Who will be the most influential man of 2011? My prediction is the incoming Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  Whether he is tanning or crying, he will be front and center in his attempt to block anything the Obama administration attempts to accomplish.


Who Was the Most Influential Man of 2010?

He’s the leader of the free world. How Barack Obama could he not be the most influential man of 2010? Let’s not forget that even after taking a beating in the midterm elections, Obama came back swinging in the last weeks of 2010 getting a lot of his promises pushed through the House (including the repeal of DADT).

Tomorrow: Who will be the most influential man of 2011?

Holiday Blizzard Hits East Coast; Dumps 20 Inches of Snow in Central Park

A holiday blizzard struck hard yesterday, crippling most of the East Coast.  Forecasters had been unsure if the storm would go out to sea or hit the coast as computer models remained conflicting up until Christmas Day when all models agreed a major storm would strike the Northeast.

The storm caused the NFL to postpone the Eagles/Vikings game in Philadelphia until Tuesday, as well as halting transportation up and down the East Coast.