Monthly Archives: August 2011

POW! DC Comics Re-Boots Every Super Hero Series and Starts Over From Scratch!

DC Comics is rebooting their entire franchise as Superman, Batman, and others all start from scratch with brand new origins, costumes, and – in some cases – ethnicity.  The new versions, debuting today in Justice League No. 1, will represent a vision of a more current America, as they wipe the slate clean of prior storylines and start fresh.  There will even be a lesbian superhero, as DC Comics introduces Batwoman (not the same as Batgirl).  Additionally, starting today all DC Comics will be available on digital services such as iPad the same day the comic books hit the stores.


Did Media Over-Hype Irene?


Much has been said in the last few days about the media coverage of Hurricane Irene.  Personally, I watched local news go wall-to-wall from 4am on Saturday straight through to 6:30pm on Sunday, saying things such as “no one alive today has ever lived through the magnitude storm we are about to get.”

The storm weakened and was not the monster we were warned about. People are now complaining about the over-reacting of the media and saying we dodged a bullet.  However, we have to remember that as of now 40 people were killed during the storm, and I doubt their families consider they dodged anything at all.  When in doubt, be safe and get out when told.