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OUT: Keith Olbermann FIRED From Current TV!

Current TV has fired lead anchor Keith Olbermann. In a statement released today, the cable network hinted that Olbermann had not honored the terms of his five year, $50 million contract.  Olbermann responded via Twitter stating he’d be pursuing legal action against the network. Meanwhile, Eliot Spitzer will replace Olbermann on Current TV, effective tonight.  Olbermann was released from MSNBC last year and hired by Current TV in an effort to re brand the cable channel as a political news outlet.


Kari Bales, Wife of Accused Afghan Massacre Suspect Robert Bales, Speaks to Matt Lauer

The wife of the US soldier accused of slaughtering 17 Afghan civilians spoke to Matt Lauer on the Today show this morning.

“I don’t think anything will really change my mind in believing that he did not do this,’’ said Kari Bales. “This is not what it appears to be.’’

See the full interview below: