Colorado Batman Shooting Suspect: “I Am The Joker”

Police have confirmed that James Holmes, the 24 year old accused of shooting 71 people and killing 12 in a movie theater during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado early this morning stated “I am the Joker” when officers asked his name.

His mother spoke briefly with ABC News earlier today and confirmed, “You have the right person. I need to contact the police.”


3 thoughts on “Colorado Batman Shooting Suspect: “I Am The Joker”

  1. Since socialization matters so much in the shaping of who we humans are, what is the shooter’s religion and what is his ethnicity; not his skin color, but his cultural history?

  2. What is it in our cultural drinking water that turned James Holmes into a killer, a mass murderer? I ask this question because when I heard of the shooting, my thoughts turned to the prevailing ‘…he is not one of us…’ attitudes trending in the national American culture; especially, in our political discourse but not exclusively. I mean it is also fashonable to hate Tiger Woods, hate LeBron James a-n-d, of course, hate our President and his family. When I switch chanels from news comentators to TV PREACHERS, not one sermon is about the haters in our society and what we must do to change the culture of hate. The question is no longer “Can we all get along?” The question is can we stop hating: can we re-create ourselves from haters to those who love?

  3. A Jewish attorney, Frances Lowrie, in an addressed to the Leadership Memphis class of 1986 on the issue of racism and hatred said this, and I paraphrase from memory, ‘…the differences among us humans are nothing more than additional options for survival, therefore, we should embrace our differences instead of seeking to destroy them’. What a great summation before the court room of life; don’t you think?

    Now, I’m not Jewish; I’m not a Lawyer; nor am I a person of faith. I’m an athiest who believes in loving my neighbor, my fellow human being, with all my heart; just as I love my self! I don’t know what psycho-social, political or economic issues James Holmes had. I do know that what ever the case may be it did not have to be that way. I also know that we need to find cures for our psycho-social diseases as well as our physical ones. I suggest that the core objective of our educational systems should be human growth and development. Let jobs come last.

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