Who Could Replace Ryan Seacrest on “American Idol”?

As we reported Monday, there is a strong possibility that this will be Ryan Seacrest’s last season as host of FOX’s juggernaut American Idol. If this proves to be true, who could replace Seacrest as the host of television’s Number One show? Below is a short list of those I think are up to the task.


Kelly Ripa’s husband has hosted a reality show before (remember Age of Love?), as well as filled-in for Regis Philbin on Kelly’s Live with Regis & Kelly show.



Kennedy does a fine job as a news reporter for E! News, which is where Seacrest is the lead anchor. He could easily follow in his co-worker’s footsteps and jump from E! to Idol.


Philbin has made no secret of the fact he’s looking for a new gig since ditching his morning routine with Kelly Ripa.  He’s got the hosting experience to ensure a smooth transition.


Timberlake is a music superstar who’s presence would add even more credibility and popularity to America’s Number One show.  While he’s  been concentrating on films as of late, being the host of Idol wouldn’t require much more than a few months work per year.


He needs a job.


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