Who Could Replace Charlie Sheen in ‘Two and a Half Men’?

It’s no secret that Charlie Sheen is on a downward spiral. In fact, he’s been on that spiral for a long time. Last week he was hospitalized for the third time in as many months, and he entered rehab by the end of the week.  His hit series Two and a Half Men is the most popular comedy series on television, and CBS is certainly eager to save the show. Could Sheen be replaced in the series? It wouldn’t be the first time a long-running show has replaced a star.  Cheers achieved much success after replacing Shelley Long with Kirstie Alley after a contract dispute.  Back in the 70’s Three’s Company went on for many seasons after original co-star Suzanne Somers left. And, let’s not forget the famous Darrin Stevens recast on Bewitched. If CBS opts to drop Sheen from the cast of Men, who could fill his shoes? See below for a few suggestions.

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman: The former Arrested Development star is a skilled comedic actor who could easily slide into an established hit as a new character.  Batemen’s charm and good humor could make a transition very easy for viewers of Two and a Half Men.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox: Yes, I know Fox is more focused on his philanthropic work for Parkinsons research than in acting, but has anything stopped Michael J. Fox from achieving his goals? He could use  being a part of the number one rated comedy on television to broaden awareness for stem-cell research.

Malcom Jamal Warner

Malcolm Jamal Warner: Here is an actor who has grown leaps and bounds since his days of playing Theo Huxtable on the legendary Cosby Show.  He’s appeared in many roles over the last few years, but his stand-out work on Lifetime’s short lived Sherri last year proved he can still make us laugh.

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez: Who better to replace Charlie Sheen than his own brother? Emilio Estevez hasn’t done a lot of acting lately, but he could easily fill his brother’s shoes.

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann: He’s not an actor, but he’s currently out of a job. And, he can be very funny at times. Why not?


6 thoughts on “Who Could Replace Charlie Sheen in ‘Two and a Half Men’?

  1. Wow I was just thinking the other day how I thought Emilio Estevez was a better actor what ever happened to him? I guess thats the point he’s not in the spot light but a great actor what a talented family. I would Love to see him in something new!!!

  2. I would love to see Jason Bateman take over the role. I’ve never been a Charlie Sheen fan, but I do watch the show occasionally and laugh my ass off… because the writing is so good & funny, not because of Charlie! I’d watch it more if he weren’t on it. If you think about it really, all Charlie does is sit around and say funny one liners that were written for him! He really doesn’t bring anything to the role. Imagine what someone like Jason could do with that character? He’s so charismatic, he could do just about anything he wanted and the audience would still love him!

  3. I think everyone would keep watching if his own brother, Emilio replaced him! Think about it… they could dye his hair darker – his mannerism’s are already similar… who better!!??!

  4. Now really.
    Lets face the truth, the show is nothing without Charlie Sheen. It would not be the same, and although it is a hit show, I guarantee ratings would go down. Not sticking up for Sheen’s ridiculous behavior, but they can’t do the show without him. Simple as that.

  5. NOBODY will ever be able to replace charlie, ever!. the chemistry all the talented actors had on the set is awesome!!!! i hope that lorre and sheen can put things behind them, and bring back charlie, under sheen’s terms, because he sure made CBS and producers pretty wealthy. do you blame him for asking for more money?

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