Black Friday Horror at Target Store in Buffalo

On Friday I wrote about about Black Friday shopping in my area. There were crowds, of course, but I saw no aggressive behavior in any of the locations I visited. That was not the case at a Target store in Buffalo, NY. After waiting in line for eight hours for the store to open at 4am, Keith Krantz was trampled by shoppers entering the store.  Kranz was taken to the hospital where he was given a CAT-Scan.  Target management has stated they will pay the customer’s medical bills.

Target’s home office released this statement later on Friday:

The safety of our guests and team members is a top priority. We take this incident very seriously. Target plans well in advance of Black Friday and employs numerous crowd management tactics to prevent incidents. We continually analyze and improve those plans, and will do so in this case, to help ensure a safe and enjoyable.

The video of the incident is below. Kranz is seen staggering and hunched over after being trampled.


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