Voting for Change (Again)

Two years ago Americans came out in droves to vote for change, and Barack Obama made history as he was elected President of the United States.  Yesterday, Americans voted for change again, and this time they did not favor Mr. Obama.

While the Democrats kept control of the Senate, the GOP took control of the House (and in the process ousted Nancy Pelosi as Speaker).  But this shouldn’t really be shocking.  Mid term elections rarely go in favor of the sitting President’s party.  Bill Clinton saw favor shift to the GOP during the 2004 mid-terms, as Ronald Reagan saw it shift to the Democrats in 1982.

All in all, it’s not a bad thing for Obama as he prepares to start his re-election bid in 2012.  Voters who wanted a magic bullet to fix the economy in 2008 grew disappointed with Obama by 2010, just as those who are still searching for that magic bullet in 2010 will grow disappointed with the GOP controlled Congress by 2012.



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