A Very Clinton Wedding

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mazvinsky Saturday in Rhinebeck, NY amid a flurry of press, curiosity seekers, and friends and family. For months the news media buzzed about the “top secret” wedding as everything from the guest list to the actual location of the nuptials were under lock and key. The frenzy reached a fevered pitch on Saturday morning as all three of the network morning news shows devoted most of their air-time to every minute detail they could uncover about the wedding. CBS’s Early Show even went so far as to dub Saturday’s episode “A Chelsea Morning.”

By now all of the festivities are over and Mr. and Mrs. Marc Mazvinsky are about to begin their lives as any other newly married couple. While the media has already forgotten the wedding in favor of the next “big” stories (Wildfires in California! Who will be the next judge on American Idol?), Chelsea and Marc will be challenged by their next big stories – managing household finances together, the prospect of raising children in an interfaith marriage, and of course, in-laws. And how does one exactly prepare for the inevitable meddling from your in-laws when they happen to be a former President of the United States and a sitting Secretary of State?

My advice to the happy couple is to always remember to talk to each other, as communication is key to any relationship. I wish them happiness, long lives filled with lots of love, and – above all else – I wish they can have some privacy.


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