Megyn Kelly: Fox News Channel’s Pitbull is at it Again

Megyn Kelly, the whiny, belligerent, vapid, rude, self-appointed messenger of the GOP who manages to pass herself off as a news reader on the Fox News Channel (don’t even consider what she does as “journalism”) has struck again as she steamrolled over New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers while “discussing” alleged voter intimidation by the Black Panthers.  See the clip below for the Kelly’s shockingly embarrassing on-air behavior, but the bottom line is that even the cast of The Jersey Shore wouldn’t cut someone off to say “don’t know what you’re talking about” or “don’t make me cut off your mike.” Megyn Kelly is a disgrace to Fox News, and anyone associated with journalism.  Fox would do better to put Snookie on air instead of Megyn Kelly.


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